Colca’s Team

Alon Friedman, founder

Prior to founding Colca, Alon served as director of IT at the Institute of Design and industry professor of information technology at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Valerie Adegbite-Calloway, Vice President Operations

Over 24 years of Operations, R&D, and Business Development experience with  INEOS, BP, and Dow Chemical.

Gal Shimoni, Chief Product Officer

Founder and CEO of I.N.M. Technologies, a design engineering firm specializing in electrical, RF/wireless, and embedded software design.

35 years of experience in designing and leading the development of electronic products from initial concept up to mass production.

Michael Hasselbeck R&D Director

Ph.D. EE from the University of Central Florida. His experience includes positions in the aerospace-defense industry, US government research labs, startups, consulting, European research labs, and academia.

Youbin Roh, Programmer
Seeking graduate degree in computer science.

Specialized in computer security and AI.     

Gil Simsic, Adviser

Sr. Field Applications Engineer - Semtech